Destination Audio System Review

January 27, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“Streaming the Xfinity X1 platform via the Krell Vanguard Universal’s first HDMI input, the latter’s HMDI output fed the Destination Audio 45 monoblocks directly via its variable output. Thus driven as a mere two-channel movie playback, my wife started to sit up. Paraphrasing Vivian, she said it was the first time she could truly appreciate the dialogs and the realism of all the busy happenstances on screen. Putting my profound, immediate dismay aside, it was a wake-up call on the inadequacy of the 5.1 home theater system. Now, she demanded my turning on the entire system whenever a movie was on. It was like watching it for the first time. She is a converted horn fan. What else could bring out the magic of the theater but a large horn system?

The Destination Audio Vista horns were the biggest horns I’ve experienced that were also efficient enough to run on less than two watts to drive the 105 dB sensitive horns to deafening levels. When playing records, I didn’t have to turn the volume on the 76 preamp past 11 o’clock; same as with the digital.”


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