Ryan Speakers S840 Loudspeakers $9995 Review

February 10, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“I’m not sure if you noticed (from the photos or not) that the speakers are also tilted back. This, according to Todd, was for perfect time alignment of the drivers. Since smaller drivers are in effect faster, they are positioned further back than the woofers. I thought this was just for looks! Ends up it, too has a specific purpose.

The rear of the speaker has 4 binding posts, which offers great versatility if one would were to bi-wire, or even bi-amp these speakers. I love when manufacturers offer such flexibility. I took full advantage, too, and tried both bi-wire, single wire (with jumpers), as well as bi-amping. Every time it offered better sound. If you are interested in reading up on the benefits of bi-wiring, there are plenty of articles online that you can use at your leisure. I can say that without a doubt—there is a minor sound quality increase when wiring the S840 in this fashion. There appears to be a better distinction of the highs versus the lows. The best thing is, you can graduate to this eventually with these speakers being so versatile. I also opted to bi-amp using identical amplifiers which even then took it to a whole new level. These speakers are quite efficient however so bi-amping is definitely not necessary, but if you, for example, prefer tube sound on the highs and solid state on the lows, you can satiate that desire quite easily here.”


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