Luxman P-750u headphone amp Review

February 14, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“To put the P-750u’s sound in perspective I brought out my reference headphone amp, the Pass Labs HPA-1 and listened again to the headphones. In every case the P-750u was the decisive winner. The sound was more freewheeling and energetic, dynamics punched harder, and treble detail was finer. I heard deeper into the recordings, so each instrument and vocal sounded more distinct. The HPA-1 sound was flatter in perspective, and while the music still sounded excellent I missed some of the P-750u’s joie de vivre.

The Luxman P-750u is an expensive component, but for deep-pocketed connoisseurs who have already amassed sizable headphone collections this amplifier will be a worthwhile investment. It will make every headphones sound better than ever, and the ability to switch between three pairs of headphones for easy comparisons can be a lot of fun. I asked Luxman if a more affordable amp is in the works, but alas the P-750u is it: It has no plans for other amps. It’s good to be rich.”


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