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“The boosted low-end on the Model X bass-on mode does mean you will hear a bit more body to instrumental timbre. Lower pitched instrumental work, particularly guitar work with sound richer and more authoritative on this switch setting much like the custom Model X.

Vocals for me do not actually change their position or presence with either switch but due to the more elevated nature of the low end with the bass-on mode they will struggle for a bit more air and fall a bit further back in the mix. When there is less bass energy, however, vocal timbre does sound a little fuller and warmer than when the bass mode is off which I prefer at times, especially for female vocals.

Staging does change on the Bass-On mode compared to Bass-Off. I find the depth to improve on the Bass-On mode with relatively the same level of height and air compared to the Bass-Off mode. With the bass turned off the Model X sounds more linear, not quite as deep or forward sounding but the mids are a bit more open and spacious sounding as a result.”


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