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“Day-to-Day life with the PW Amp was all I could hope for. There is a connection for a sub and you can even make use of a nice Turntable with a good Phono Stage via the single set of Analog Inputs. What could be better? I love the ease and versatility and I admire the “Tech” contained within our little gem here. This can be the cornerstone of your audio world for a long time to come. Just add speakers – and maybe even a sub should you chose to “woof-woof”. I hope to be able to try some of the powered and wireless speakers Paradigm offers in this Premium Wireless Series. They’ve thought it out for you – and it would be awfully hard to make a mistake within this eco-system. Paradigm is after all… a World Class Company.

I’m not really ready to conclude – but I guess I had better. This is amazing product that offers a very complete solution for modern-day music lovers, including some remarkable DSP Tech. Paradigm serves this all wrapped up in a package that’s approachable and positively yummy in every way. Looks great, sounds incredible… and offers all you could possibly hope for in a package that’s HALF of the kilo-buck you could be paying for this. At $499 this is simply a cannot miss – no mistake product for newly minted audiophiles or seasoned audio veterans.”



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