Aurender Content Server ACS10 Full Review

March 9, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“In addition to the aforementioned features the ACS10 brings Aurender into the world of multi-zone audio with centralized music storage in an all-Aurender ecosystem. The ACS10 can host all one’s music and serve it out to other Aurender components throughout one’s network. But, don’t worry about typical network issues that arise with DLNA or UPnP because the Aurender ecosystem doesn’t touch that non-standard standard called UPnP.

The thing to remember about the ACS10 is simplicity. Usually when the number of features rise, so does complexity. Not so with the Content Server. In addition, Aurender has developed this platform to operate 100% of the time without requiring a traditional computer for setup, music management, or even loading music on the server. It can all be accomplished through the Aurender ACS Manager app for iOS. ”



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