Verity Audio Monsalvat Amp-60 power amplifier $58,000 Review

April 30, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“Of all the power amplifiers I’ve heard, whether in my own systems or at audio shows, the one whose midrange continues to linger in my mind is Verity Audio’s Monsalvat Amp-60. I’ve packed up a lot of great gear in my time, but next to my loaner dCS Vivaldi DAC, now on its way home to the UK after bringing me joy for well over a year, the sound I’ve most regretted saying goodbye to is the Amp-60’s.

At first, I thought I’d describe the Monsalvat Amp-60’s smooth, glowing, naturally warm sound as “dew-kissed”—but to some, that metaphor might imply a hyper-liquidity that I did not hear. Better to describe its midrange as velvet smooth. Imagine yourself blindfolded and led to a series of objects that you can identify only by touch. With each new texture your fingers encounter, your sense of wonder increases: the surface of a ceramic dinner plate, the warm chassis of an amplifier, a piece of cardboard, a cloak of finest velvet. As you luxuriate in the feel of those textures, you can begin to imagine how the Amp-60 sounds.

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