Audio Solutions Figaro M Speaker Review

May 21, 2019 § Leave a comment


“Today, Audio Solutions offers five attractively styled product ranges that go under the names Vantage Classic, Vantage 5th Anniversary, Guimbarde, Figaro and Overture. In the spring of 2019, Audio Solutions will add a sixth line, called Virtuoso, which will sit Visually, I love the styling of the Vantage 5th Anniversary series the most, perhaps because these speakers look like they would fit perfectly into a sci-fi movie like TRON. Sonic Artistry’s owners Jonathan and Ed promised for the Figaro M to deliver a stunning performance to price ratio, but of course they would say that – after all they are a retailer for the brand. As a reviewer, I hear such promises all the time so naturally I take such statements with a grain of salt. There is only one way to judge a loudspeaker: you have to give it a good listen.

But first, let’s examine the range of products offered by this company. The Audio Solutions Figaro M loudspeaker hails from company’s third-from-the-top series in terms of performance and price. There are four floor standing models in this series – the Figaro S ($5,750 US), Figaro M ($7,500 US), Figaro L ($10,000 US) and the headlining Figaro XL ($15,000). The series also includes the Figaro B bookshelf speaker ($3,250 US) as well as the Figaro C center channel ($2,500 US). The inclusion of a center channel of course indicates that the company intends these speakers for use in both 2-channel music systems and home cinema setups. All the prices I mentioned are for the standard finish, and like most high-end loudspeaker manufacturers today, Audio Solutions’ speakers can be ordered in many custom options – in this case there are 17 custom side-panel colors to choose from.”

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