Air Tight ATC-1 and ATM-1 f Review

May 22, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“Actually, that’s unfair, because the preamp sounds ‘younger’ than the power amplifier, most of the Mills & Boon effects coming from the ATM-1. What both share sonically are ghostly silences by both valve and solid-state standards, phenomenally wide and open soundstages and absolute freedom from edginess. But while the preamplifier is detailed and precise enough to be regarded as modern, the power amp has a softness – however enticing – that might be too romantic for those weaned on transistor equipment or current era valve powerhouses such as the big EAR, Audio Research or Beard amplifiers. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to apologise for the Air Tight duo because I loved the lushness.

Playing both modern, glassy recordings and sonic masterpieces of the era of the Air Tight amps’ inspiration, I noted an unerring facility these products have for sweetening whatever sounds they are fed. Is it accurate? Hell, no. But neither is it offensive in the way that identifiable distortions or wild colorations are. The Air Tight combination doesn’t really add anything which would annoy, it merely shaves off the edges which could become nasty.

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