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“As mentioned above, the No 585.5 includes Mark Levinson’s trademarked Clari-Fi® circuitry that is used to reconstruct much of what is lost when audio files are compressed. I used this often and it has an intensity control that you can adjust. After trying out the different intensity settings, I wound up keeping it at the factory default.

As mentioned previously, the No 585.5 includes a very flexible phono stage. It’s great that it is all controlled via the front display. There is no need to open up the case and toggle dip switches. Nice. Besides all the available settings discussed above, the unit also had a balance offset for the phono stage. Typically one would ensure good channel balance by properly adjusting and calibrating their tonearm/cartridge but in some cases, certain phono rigs have a characteristic channel imbalance. This is where you can make a default setting that varies by up to +/- 3 dB in 0.1 dB steps.”

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