Focal Stellia $3,000 Review

July 24, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“The headphones themselves are covered in leather much like the rest of the packaging, but of a much softer and finer grain, with a little swatch in French proudly declaring it ‘full grain leather.’ The build quality is spectacular, the metal yokes, leather pads and ear-cup lattice are all simply stunning pieces of industrial design. The entire headphone strikes a perfect visual balance, not too flashy, not too muted. Comfort wise it’s pretty similar to the Utopia and Elear, though not quite as heavy as the Utopia, based on my recollections. Ear pads are very soft and headband padding is good, though the beautiful metal yolk assembly is a bit heavy and slightly stiff, which means that while these aren’t uncomfortable, they’re not headphones that totally disappear off your head during use. I had no issues using them for lengthy listening sessions however, and overall if the other Focal headphones have worked for you, these should too.”

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