Sony DMP-Z1 digital music player $8500 Review

August 3, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“Until I began working exclusively from home, my constant companion on my daily commute was the PonoPlayer I’d bought after reviewing it in April 2015. It may seem absurd to compare the $8500 Sony with the Pono, which cost $399 when last available, but I’ve racked up more hours listening through headphones with the Pono than with any other product. With the Audeze LCD-Xes, which are more revealing than the AudioQuest NightHawks, the high frequencies in “The Mooche” had more top-octave air with the DMPZ1, letting me better hear the subtle acoustic of Blue Heaven Studios, in Salina, Kansas. At the other end of the spectrum, the double bass in James Brown’s “Please, Please, Please” had a weightier body tone through the Sony, though this recording’s rather rough mid-treble sounded a touch smoother through the Pono. A case of Authority (Sony) vs Acceptable (Pono).”

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