Audio Research 160M Amplifiers $30,000 Review

August 6, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“The longer I indulge in investigating audio components, the broader my perspective grows. My tastes have evolved, and my biases have diminished. This goes for all aspects of a system, be it speakers, sources, and in this case, amplifiers. My final frontier is low powered SET amps, but that is another issue. That aside, I have largely become a fan of it all. And now, having finally lived with such an exalted tubed amplifier in the Audio Research 160Ms, I really, deep down in the monkey brain, get why folks love tube amps. Timbre, resolution, space, macro dynamics, and liveliness all come together with the Audio Research 160M. Also, Audio Research has been around for 50 years and are only growing, which is no small point. They must be doing as well as any one in the business based on their longevity alone. With that comes customer service and a dealer network that ensures a far more secure relationship with the amplifier and the company.”

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