Klipsch Forte III loudspeaker $3998 Review

August 11, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“The radiator works the same as a port,” explained Klipsch’s principal engineer, Roy Delgado, a 30-year veteran of Klipsch Audio Technologies who initially worked under Paul W. Klipsch himself. “Because of the smaller air volume of the box, the drone (aka passive radiator) offers the advantage of allowing us to adjust compliance. If it’s done right, the drone extends the bottom end. Basically you’re creating a Helmholtz resonator. You cause the air to resonate at a certain frequency and that extends the bottom end. A drone does the same thing.”

At a time when the US is experiencing an outbreak of measles, the Forte III remains au courant by having—you guessed it—Mumps. Literally named for the swollen salivary glands they sort of resemble, Roy Delgado’s patented Mumps are curved 1″ ridges that round off the interior corners within the throat of the K-703-M midrange horn. The goal, according to Klipsch’s website, is “to improve coverage and control of the key mid-frequency band.”

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