HifiMan Arya Review

August 20, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“HifiMan’s got my attention, and I’ll be looking to hear more of what they have to bring to the table. I recently had a positive experience with the new HE-1000SE at Canjam Socal and some Matrix audio gear. I think the company has found some strong footing with build quality, tuning and value for the money and I’ll be looking more closely at their offerings. The Arya in particular at $1,599 USD does seem a reasonable ask to me. It’s not cheap but neither is it unreasonable for it’s price in my opinion for a top-notch headphone. It is one of those headphones that feels as if it’s got a ‘Goldilocks’ price. Neither too high nor too low, but just right. Despite my personal feeling of fatigue with these headphones, if you’ve enjoyed HifiMan’s recent crop of headphones and don’t experience that same fatigue, I would by all means give this headphone a listen.”

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