PBN Audio M2!5 Loudspeakers $30,000 Review

August 23, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“These ears are a bit spoiled when it comes to high frequencies thanks to my long term reference Lansche 4.1 with its plasma tweeter. There is no finer tweeter that I’ve heard. No mass, just a ball of fire that expands and contracts creating sound. If that sounds like something out of science fiction, it kind of is. Its Achilles heel is found when the music gets way too loud. It compresses, and can cause failure. Typically, I’d have to spend time acclimating to a non-plasma tweeter. Even if well designed, my ears usually can hear what the tweeter is contributing. The M2!5 required no such adjustment period. The implementation of the dual compression mid band and treble drivers just lock in, and sound totally integrated. It is neither bright nor brittle. It doesn’t harden or compress at higher volume. It’s not super-fast sounding, nor is blunted. It just sails along and remains at the service of the music. Very well done.

When it comes to fleshing out a stage, the sense that an orchestra is in the room, and the scale in which it is spread across the space is uncanny. While I won’t slam any manufacturers by name, I will say another guest, a former French horn player for the Dallas Symphony, and rabid audio enthusiast, proclaimed the M2!5 trounced a very well known “modern” $110,000 speaker that he has been aspiring to own. He thought my description “constipated” described the much more expensive speaker perfectly compared to the M2!5. He also thought the M2!5 to be more enjoyable if not “better” than another contemporary $250,000 design that he is very familiar with. His wife, an accomplished classic pianist, reached the exact same conclusion.”

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