Meze Empyrean Headphone $2,999 Review

August 24, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“Compared to other similarily-priced wares from Audeze, Sennheiser or HIFIMAN, the Empyreans are firmly planted in the same territory from a sonic-capability standpoint, but stands out because they do not in some way compensate with trade-offs in frequency response, timbral accuracy, transient speed, treble or bass extension for playback, or long-term comfort or wearibility. Capable of ethereal highs, moody, passionate mids with superb palyback of every subtle vocal inflection and nuance and a bassheads delight for getting heavy, the Empyrean offers something few other headphones at any price point can offer: a complete package in set of over-ear ‘phones that will play it all without fuss, bottom-end goosing or hyperbole. They’re a dish that delivers on what the menu promises.”


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