Quad Vena II Integrated Amp Review

August 28, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“As a desktop hub, the Vena II proved highly attractive as an all-day listening companion, playing everything from radio streams to random music thrown up by Roon radio in a mixture of file formats. It was also able to prove its abilities when used into headphones, driving the likes of the Focal Spirit Pro [HFN Dec ’15] and Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature [HFN Mar ’17] to impressive effect, the new amp circuitry giving a sound both well-weighty and informative, and with excellent grip on the ‘phones in use.

It was only when I reached the final track of 2002’s The Symphonic Eric Coates [Chandos CHAN 9869] that I was tempted to move the amp back to the listening room and onto the big speakers again to give the music full rein. Yes, I’d given in to temptation, and magnificent the Vena II sounded too, powering out the BBC Philharmonic under Rumon Gamba playing ‘The Dam Busters March’ – it had to be done, really.”

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