Revel Performa M126Be Bookshelf Speaker$ 4,000 Review

September 7, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“The above graphs show the Revel M126Be speaker’s low-frequency responses that I captured using groundplane measurements (where the speaker and microphone are on the ground in a wide-open area). Revel characterizes the low-end response as -6 dB at 54 Hz, and this is a conservative spec by my measurements. In ported mode, the response knee pretty much starts a bit below 60 Hz, and there is usable output below 50 Hz. I also measured the M126Be with its port plugged. We can see that it reduces output below 100 Hz. This might be handy for those who are getting too much of a bass boost from having to place the speaker near large room surfaces. Overall, the responses shown here are quite good and shows a well-implemented port. This is a bookshelf speaker with solid extension down to 50 Hz, and that range will cover most music recordings, especially of acoustic music. Those who don’t need deep bass can get by without a sub, but those who want the subterranean thunder of modern action movies will certainly want to add a sub. I think the 50 Hz extension is a very reasonable frequency to aim for. It covers much conventional music without trying for deep bass which would have incurred a big penalty in sensitivity.”

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