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“I could listen to this for hours in much the same way as I class the D8000. It is one of those headphones that is just a pure blast of fun and technical competence to make anything that rocks, well rock that bit harder. If you are a fan of the Black Crowes or that analog Les Paul tube amp infused guitar work out session then the Rad-0 is perfect. Southern-infused rock and old school modern sleazy rock like Vains Of Jenna sound tailor-made for the Rad-0 vibe.

I wish I could tell you that it is a lightweight experience like the Empyrean or the MrSpeaker’s Ether 2 for listening to all that for many hours. It’s balanced and design does a wonderful balancing job for its 650g weight on your head but it’s going to makes its presence felt more than those two competing headphones. It is secure, however, much more so than larger headphones like the awkward D8000 and I did find the RAD-0 much easier on the head than Final’s flagship.”

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