Audio Valve Solaris Headphone amplifier $4,600 Review

October 13, 2019 § Leave a comment


“Going to the back of the Audio Valve Solaris you’ll find a set of speaker binding post for very efficient speakers as the Audio Valve Solaris will push an average of 8 to 12 Watt maximum. So, if you have some speaker with a sensitivity of 94dB or higher, you’ll love this unit. If not there’s are a pair of XLR and RCA outputs for your amplifier, a USB for your Computer, a pair of RCA’s for your Turntable and two pair of XLR and RCA inputs. So I heard two people call this the Swiss knife of headphone amps but I’d say it was more a kin to the kitchen sink.

For fun I started out a generic USB cord to my Apple MacBook Air and plugged in my Nordost Valhalla into my Audio Valve Baldur 70’s monoblocks. Those power a pair of Avance Century 100 loudspeakers and the sound was like nothing I have ever heard in my system. it was much more detailed which in no way meant the preamplifier section is analytical, cause it is not. Think musicality over pure analytics, but always with great clarity. If female vocals are your thing (they are for me), then you will love the Audio Valve Solaris as preamp DAC combination. In general the voices are exceptionally good, natural, sweet and romantic. The Solaris does everything so effortless, it is a pure pleasure to listen to. It’s musicality, and richness completely took me over, there was a passion, persuasiveness in ever instrument.”

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