ampsandsound Leeloo Mono Tube Amplifiers $5500/pair Review

October 15, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“When my US-made, 250-wpc Acurus amplifier fell victim to a lightning strike seven years ago, I took a serious chance and went over to the dark side with a Chinese-made, 250-wpc Emotiva XPA-2. Essentially because it was the best amp I could afford, and my Maggies needed lotsa watts. My happiness with that amp led me to take an even bigger chance on the pair of 35-watt XPA-1L’s, which I hoped would pair well with the new Zu Omens (they did!). For me, even thinking about dropping down to 3 watts per channel with the Leeloos required a tremendous leap of faith! Totally no worries; the ampsandsound Leeloos are perfectionist-built amplifiers with ample power to drive highly efficient speakers to at-or-near reference levels—with the Zu loudspeakers, they’re a match made in heaven. And they employ time-honored construction practices from the golden age of tube glory; if you have the financial means, you won’t be disappointed in any aspect of their performance. And for high-end headphone users seeking the grail, these amps could very well satisfy your thirst for that very elusive cup. Very highly recommended!”


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