November 5, 2019 § Leave a comment

Vocals sound clear and well formed. They are emotional and have about the right amount of air in them, to not become congested or syrupy. Male and female singers both share a confident sound, that is again very realistic in size and colouration. Upper-mid instruments sound well proportioned and with good agility. They have very nice speed and precision.

Treble on the Ragnarok 2 sounds inoffensive. It’s a slightly cautious presentation that again is closer to neutral than anything else. Highs won’t cause any discomfort, as there is no sharpness or sibilance in them. The extension is okay, but for an amp of that price I’d have expected better to be honest. Highs have normal energy. They are crisp and decent shimmer, but they are definitely not overly bright. Which results in a fatigue free top-end.

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