EAT Prelude Review

November 13, 2019 § Leave a comment

“Kicking off with the hauntingly beautiful Cascades collaboration between pianist Jean-Michel Blais and electronic composer CFCF, the EAT immediately impresses. This is not a huge-scale performance, but anything with a grand piano requires a certain ability to deliver it convincingly and here the Prelude feels very capable. The piano sits centre stage in the recording with the strike and decay of notes delivered with real presence. The performance is placed in a convincingly open and three-dimensional soundstage that extends effortlessly beyond the confines of the speakers. The bass isn’t as seismic as some costlier designs, but is more than competitive at this price point.

This is not the preserve of simple material either. The more congested and complex Tomorrow’s Harvest by Boards Of Canada is reproduced with a convincing balance of scale and three dimensionality. This openness is combined with an impressive level of refinement too. I often find the 2M Red a little fatiguing in some setups, but here it is difficult to unsettle and even the brittle pressing of Resistance Is Futile by Manic Street Preachers is handled convincingly.”

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