Monitor Audio Gold 300 loudspeaker Review

November 15, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“As in many Monitor Audio loudspeakers, a threaded rod is fastened to the rear of each woofer; these extend through openings on the cabinet’s rear panel, where they are secured on the outside by large, decorative nuts. This not only eliminates visible mounting hardware on the front but also provides increased bracing. Not that the latter’s in short supply: The cabinet’s 18mm MDF walls are extensively braced.

Two HiVe (high velocity) reflex ports are around back; foam plugs are provided to block them if desired (I didn’t). Two pairs of input terminals offer biwire or biamp options. For single-wire/single-amp use, the Gold’s terminal shorting links are wire rather than the usual solid metal straps. The cabinet’s sturdy outrigger feet can be used with or without spikes. As is increasingly common, the provided spikes are neither long enough nor tapered sharply enough (likely due to safety concerns) to penetrate a carpet.”

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