Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo Wireless Integrated Loudspeaker Review

December 9, 2019 § Leave a comment

“But beyond sound quality and appeal to the committed audiophile, the Duo expands the market for high-quality audio by reaching music lovers who might be intimidated by component audio, or who lack the space for separates. The Duo unobtrusively blends into a home, is easy to use, and can be part of a whole-house wireless audio system. The obvious downside, which may not be a consideration for many listeners, is that the Duo is a closed ecosystem that works only with other Formation products, and can’t be upgraded as technology marches forward.

It’s unlikely that the advanced new wireless technology that motivated a Silicon Valley entrepreneur to buy a 53-year-old British loudspeaker company will be confined to the Formation products. The Duo is just the beginning. Don’t be surprised to see Formation-like technology and integration in versions of Bowers & Wilkins’ upper-end loudspeakers. Those products will help answer the question of whether the undeniable advantages of integrated wireless systems are limited to relatively affordable products like the Duo and to consumers for whom convenience is a priority, or if integrated loudspeakers represent a transformation that will eventually pervade even the upper echelons of high-end audio. “

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