December 15, 2019 § Leave a comment

“The DX160 will operate as both a transmitter and a receiver and connect to multiple wireless devices using Bluetooth 5.0. You can also access some app control features though this will largely depend on the apps you are using.

I found it relatively easy to connect my Samsung Note 9 to the DX160 and by simply switching on the ‘Bluetooth DAC+AMP Mode’ in the Bluetooth menu after doing the initial BT pairing process. I was able to automatically stream audio from the Note 9 to the DX160 using any music app. That also included streaming apps such as TIDAL which sound excellent on the DX160 via the Note 9 BT connection.

Because BT5.0 allows Bi-Directional support you can also flip the audio experience and stream your audio from the DX220 to a receiver of your choice such as a smartphone or another DAP since it is backward compatible with BT4.2. I had no issues streaming from the DX160 to the R2R200 Black, for example, or any Bluetooth active wireless speaker within range.”

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