Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III

December 21, 2019 § Leave a comment

“Any niggles with the setup soon evaporate once you start listening. It is a rare pleasure to run my relatively insensitive Neat Momentum 4i floorstanders on the end of a valve amp and the result is extremely satisfying. This is unquestionably a valve amp in the way it performs – I don’t believe that Rogue Audio set out for it to sound any other way – but thanks to the power in reserve, it manages to have a level of drive and authority that gives it traits you might more commonly associate with solid-state designs.

The 24/96 Qobuz stream of The National’s You Had Your Soul With You demonstrates this to wonderful effect. With a SOtM SMS-200 Neo network audio player (HFC 449) and Chord Electronics Hugo 2 DAC (HFC 425) acting as a neutral source for it, the Cronus Magnum III is still a big, lush and wonderfully invigorating performer. Voices leap out of the mix, not because there is any unnatural emphasis to them, but simply as they are startlingly vivid. There is an effortless three-dimensionality to the music with the relationship between the performers feeling utterly self explanatory. As I close my eyes, the music is happening in a meaningful fashion right in front of me.”

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