Vertere Acoustics MG-1 MkII/Mystic review

December 22, 2019 § Leave a comment

“The newest member of this package is Vertere’s first in-house cartridge, the Mystic. This 9.1g moving coil is arguably the most conventional design of the trio of components but still has a rigid aluminium body that’s machined from solid. Its top plate isn’t flat as is the norm but has three small raised sections that ensure a stable fit with the tonearm, even if the headshell isn’t machined perfectly flat. The body is carefully designed to work well with the internal generator providing good support and control of unwanted mechanical vibrations.

The Mystic’s body uses an aluminium tube cantilever and a micro elliptical stylus that’s claimed to track the record groove well without suffering from excessive surface noise or compromising on high-frequency response. An output of 0.5mV is healthy enough and shouldn’t cause any gain issues with sensibly designed partnering phono stages.”

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