Continuum Obsidian/Viper Turntable/Arm Review

December 25, 2019 § Leave a comment

“What the eye also doesn’t see is that the entire arm mechanism is magnetically attached to the base of the Obsidian, using tungsten contact points instead of fixed mechanical means, eg, bolts or screws. Continuum says that, ‘In a sense, the mechanism floats on these tungsten contact points’. Tungsten is also used in the bearing shaft, the bearing itself being a magnetically-opposed, if non-floating design. Continuum fits a 60V, servo-controlled, ‘zero-cogging DC motor’ designed and constructed specifically to accommodate the Obsidian’s platter and which is said to possess the highest power currently available in a motor of its size. The motor – dubbed ‘The Quiet One’ – uses stainless steel, pre-loaded ball bearings, and graphite brushes for better current conductivity when driving a heavy platter. Best of all, the motor is indeed super-quiet, and gets up to speed quickly./”

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