Paradigm Defiance V12 Review

January 4, 2020 § Leave a comment

His final test, using “She Will,” from Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV and featuring Drake (16/44.1 FLAC, Cash Money), was the one that made the differences between the subs “most obvious”: “The SB-4000 managed to dig down deeper in reproducing ultra-low bass, and the slam of the thumping bass notes had just a bit more pressure with the SVS. Still, these differences were obvious only in these direct comparisons. The Defiance V12 really did perform admirably, especially considering its price.” In the “Conclusion” of his review, Diego summed up: “All told, the Defiance V12 is a great value that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone — even those willing to spend much more.”

When Diego’s review of the Paradigm Defiance V12 was published, the subwoofer earned, based on his high recommendation, our Reviewers’ Choice award. In December 2019, the Defiance V12 was recognized as one of our 2019 Products of the Year: Exceptional Value. This month, we add it to our list of Recommended Reference Components — the lowest-priced subwoofer yet to be included.”

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