PBN Olympia EB-SA3 Amplifiers and Lxi Preamplifier$49,995 Review

January 6, 2020 § Leave a comment


“Where this neutrality becomes very useful aside from distinguishing the recording’s origins and pure musical enjoyment, is what the changes made upstream yields. Changing from the PBN Lxi preamp to the D’Agostino Momentum was not a difficult shift to grasp. The Momentum is a bit of yin to the Lxi’s yang. It’s a shade darker, a shade warmer, a touch deeper in stage, and just as wide, if not as forwardly detailed. Textures are a bit more organic, but these qualities come at a 30% premium in price. The Lxi was livelier where the Momentum’s depth of stage seemed to shave a hair off dynamics. The bass is an equal in terms of extension, a bit heavier feeling-voiced, more bottom up, though with the tone controls the Momentum possesses, it can be transformed in either direction. I have grown so accustomed to having the tone control feature, especially one as well executed as the D’Agostino, I would find it hard to live without. But the Lxi was in the same league, and despite the quirk of not having the ability to switch sources with the remote, and no balance adjustment, I could live very happily with the Lxi. The one caveat beyond those inconveniences would be the Lxi would best suit a system that needs a kick in the pants, and move the stage and upper frequencies a bit forward in mix. “

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