January 9, 2020 § Leave a comment

“From Auris Audio’s flagship amplifier the Headonia, you in single ended mode get a very wide, dynamic and spacious sound. Delivery is tight and fast and musically neutral. Body is good from top to bottom and the stereo imaging is extremely good. Some might even find it and the separation too precise. When switching to balanced mode you get an even more spacious presentation but the imaging and separation feel even more real and natural. In balanced mode you lose a bit of body in bass and mids, but you get wonderful extension in both in bass and treble, but more so in the high end. The overall timbre is sublime, especially in the mids. Layering is excellent in both single ended as well as in balanced mode, but I prefer the more natural presentation of the Thror in balanced, even though the bass punch and impact is more present in single ended mode. In balanced, you get a more flat curve presentation, but a really good, precise and musical one. Thror and the Headonia have really good synergy and that’s maybe somewhat surprising as I found Odin to sound too forward on this amplifier.”

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