Cary Audio DMS-600 Network Audio Player Review

January 19, 2020 § Leave a comment

“The whole album was well recorded back in 1993, with the orchestra arranged masterfully – and Linda’s voice is recorded in a relatively uncompressed way. Her vocal track is mostly sung fairly quietly, but in a couple of places she allows us to hear some of her vocal range which can come over as sharp or even annoying at times. Despite this, played through the DMS-600 everything was well contained and never lapsed into harshness. The sound remained smooth and well apportioned, especially the orchestral strings. The saxophone solo can get a bit lively through some digital front ends, but was natural and enjoyable for the duration of the song. Despite this, the player didn’t make the track sound overly sanitised in an attempt to calm down any wayward tonal tendencies. Instead, it preserved all the detail, transparency and dynamics – in short, the Cary has the rare ability to play music without it sounding either bland and whitewashed, or too sharp and forward. The AKM DAC chips have the moniker of ‘Velvet Sound’, and in this case at least, it proved a fitting summary of the player’s character.”

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