Audio-Technica ATH-AWKT And ATH-AWAS Headphones Review

February 4, 2020 § Leave a comment

“The pads were soft on my head and the headphone was light and noticeable on the recording was inner detail and the beauty of the piano body with excellent inner detail retrieval. The sound was exceptional, and when I switched from the Mytek to the Auris Headonia, I noticed even more musicality coming from the body of instruments. The Mytek was exceptional but the Headonia was able to dig deeper, while both offered exceptional tonality of the piano and layering was exceptional with both amplifiers. The Auris, with the Marantz SA10, was three times more than the Mytek but differences were noticeable from the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. I continued to be impressed with the AWKT’s ability to let me notice differences but still, both of the Amplifier/DAC combinations sounded exceptional.

Bass reproduction on the AWKT was good and offered excellent texture while digging into instruments with bass and the AT always felt balanced in the presentation. The sound was transparent and a little more on the bright side than the less expensive sister the ATH-AWAS which had a tendency to be more of a warmer sound both musical but with different sound signatures”

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