ZMF Verite Headphones Review

February 25, 2020 § Leave a comment

“As with Meze Empyrean, the ZMF Vérités are certainly headphones where people gravitate towards their vocal-centric tuning. While the headphones escape from an overly “warm” or romantic tuning, the Vérité has enough richness in its midrange to really propel it into an affable listening experience. Tracks sound lively without resorting to thin or unnatural leading edge transients that some headphones implement to artificially boost clarity levels. Instead, vocals have great body with a slight warm tilt while maintaining high levels of resolve and liveliness. Every track just sounds right, which is not an easy feat for headphones to achieve owing to their propensities to exaggerate frequencies here and there. While the Empyreans opt for a smoother and “darker” tonality, the Vérité leans toward a relatively more vibrant character while still maintaining incredibly low levels of fatiguability, sibilance, or grain. Compared to HiFiMAN’s HE1000 V2, the Vérité sounds relatively more intimate, but more solid in its presentation compared to the former’s more airy, diffuse, and ethereal presentation. For orchestral music and tracks which benefit from a large soundstage and TOTL separation of instrumentals, the HE1000 V2 certainly wins but it is incredibly hard to take the ZMF Vérité headphones off for tracks where vocals prevail, and therein lies its magic.

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