Stromtank S2500 Battery Power Supply Review

March 5, 2020 § Leave a comment

“There are a few words when describing the sonic results of using the Stromtank to power my system: astounding, awe-inspiring, awesome, amazing, astonishing, excellent, fantastic, glorious, magnificent, sensational, spectacular, splendid, terrific, and wonderful. As I said earlier, before the Stromtank arrived, only at nighttime could my system reach its potential. But with the Stromtank my system reached its full potential regardless of the time of day. Even though Stromtank’s literature promised it would make this improvement, it took me by surprise. Having my system sound the same both during the day and at night took some getting used to. In a good way.

The only “problem” I ran into was that I couldn’t connect my 350 Watt per channel Pass Laboratories X350.5 power amplifier to the Stromtank S2500 and play it at excessive volumes. If I did, the Stromtank would shut down because it would become over-heated. This only happened once during my time during the Stromtank’s audition period. After it shut down I had to wait a while so the Stromtank could cool down. After that the Stromtank operated perfectly, and I could listen to music again, being fully aware that if I was to connect my power amp to the Stromtank, I should be very careful about how high I turn the volume of my system, and for how long I listen to a louder than absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the Stromtank performed as advertised, and without any problems whatsoever.”

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