Raven Audio CeLest’ Speakers | Review

March 8, 2020 § Leave a comment


“Finally, the last big ingredient is the port tuning frequency. James Connell claims that many speakers sound bad because their cabinets are tuned to too low a frequency in search of increased bass extension. The result is sloppy, tuneless bass response. Yep, we all know this slip-up when we hear it, right? The trick is to tune the cabinet to right around 40 Hz, as this represents the lowest frequency found in 99% of the music we routinely enjoy. Sure, some recordings go lower, but I think we can agree that clean, tight, and tuneful bass response is what most of us ultimately crave. I’ve found that capturing that last bit of extension is incredibly difficult and technically challenging (not to mention expensive), so why worry about it? I’ll be honest here: I stopped chasing 20 Hz a long time ago.”

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