Accuphase P-4500 €7,900 Review

March 8, 2020 § Leave a comment

“Even with the volume low, there was more drive and air in the music, especially with better quality recordings. The presentation was flowing and delivery, effortless. Bass was fuller and better fleshed out, and the sense of urgency and slam, I usually heard only when the integrated amplifier was played louder on its own.

Pushing the P-4500 harder didn’t result in any loss of grip over the proceedings, whether it was simple acoustic recordings, orchestral music or some good ol’ classic rock – the amp exhibited the same level of control and finesse over the entire frequency spread. If anything, the highs opened up further, and the mids seem smoother and even better focused… at least, this was made even more evident than at lower volume. There seemed to be a bit more of shimmer and bite in the music with the P-4500 in the system.

All these served to draw the listener deeper into the musical event, capturing the senses with a more intimate feel. The background was darker, allowing the minutiae to surface with better clarity, and lending the recording a better nuanced reproduction of instrumental and vocal timbres.’

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