Cyrus Audio ONE Cast ‘Smart Amplifier’ Review

March 10, 2020 § Leave a comment

“A number of gloomsters in the hi-fi world have long since decreed that Class D is in some way “not musical” and “no fun.” Anything that uses it then, they argue, should not be accorded any seriousness as a listening tool. Integrated amplifiers like the Cyrus ONE Cast show just how wrong they are because this turns in a high-quality sound that leaves one wondering how it’s all possible at the price. Indeed, it’s a most impressive, listenable little amplifier that impresses across all its myriad inputs.

I’m a huge fan of the original Mission Cyrus range, but even an old-school purist like me can’t help but concede that the new ONE Cast does an awful lot rather well, sonically. It has a surprisingly rich, creamy sound that lets the listener relax into the music and enjoy the occasion. There seems to be far more power than is normal for an amplifier of this physical size, and it translates to a full-bodied, confident sound that tackles the recording head-on, without fear or favour. This little integrated isn’t scared of powerful basslines, dramatic dynamic crescendos or soaring, expressive vocals. The result is both suave and sophisticated, punchy and powerful.”

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