PBN MR! 777 $83,000 Review

March 30, 2020 § Leave a comment


I recently hosted classical pianist Maryam Raya for a private concert of Bach at my home, a few weeks before she performed Beethoven’s 3rd Piano Concerto with the NY Symphony at Carnegie Hall. A week later I hosted pianist Tony Tixier and his Grammy winning brother jazz Violinist Scott (for work with Hans Z”immer on the Lion king soundtrack), with bass and drums filling out the quartet. I guess I’m saying not only do I have a reference for live music, I have it in my home regularly. Upon reflection, what struck me is how recording dependent the ultimate illusion to live is, and that it is not a function of the speaker to add, subtract, or correct for. Its ultimate function is only tell the truth. Yet the MR!777 is far more capable of capturing and revealing just those elements that make up the re-creation of live. One of my favorite recordings is Brian Bromberg’s Wood. Brian’s pianist is very well recorded, and on “Dolphin Dance” much of the power and immediacy is passed along as such. By contrast, yet in a good way, Red Garland’s “Bright and Breezy” places Red’s piano dead center, set further back and smaller in scale, but has great touch, timbre, and that light melodic feel Red was famous for. Two distinctly different recordings capturing differing elements of live, as I hear it, in their own way and beautifully rendered by the MR!777.

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