April 9, 2020 § Leave a comment

“But, of course, there’s the cost factor and there’s no getting around it. And, of course, a lot of the Stellia’s cost includes paying for its sumptuous build and its absolutely decadent aesthetics. There’s clearly a market for this kind of headphone, and if it gets more people to take notice of high-end personal audio and want to experience something truly remarkable – well that’s just great. I appreciated the build and craftsmanship as someone only spending a brief amount of time with the Stellia, but in all honesty, they’re simply too ostentatious-looking for this reviewer. I’d feel simply too conspicuous if I left the house with them, and honesty, probably too conspicuous if I looked at myself in the mirror wearing them at home. If Focal managed to package that driver in a low-key black plastic metal body, with Alcantara instead of leather – and delivered at a lower price-point – then I’d be at the front of the queue. “

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