Auris Audio Nirvana Amplifier $5799 Review

April 13, 2020 § Leave a comment

“Bass is presented with boundless extension, texturing, and detail while maintaining good slam and impact. While not as fast as solid-state amplifiers, the Nirvana conveys authoritative bass lines with heft and clarity. Midrange is portrayed with liveliness and warmth, while retaining excellent layering and depth. High frequencies share the same timbre with exquisite extension, detailing and attack without sibilance and glare.

Compared to the dual golden CMA800R Questyle Amps, which capitalize on current mode amplification to resemble tube technology, the Nirvana sounds airier, with better three-dimensionality. The CMA800R amps, on the other hand, offer more of an analytical sound, with shorter decay and faster speed as is to be expected from solid-state amplifiers. “

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