Record Doctor VI Record Cleaning Machine $300 Review

April 14, 2020 § Leave a comment

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“In the course of cleaning a bunch of records, I discovered a few techniques to more efficiently use the Record Doctor. First, if you keep the brush over the vacuum slot area while turning the record under it, the slot will provide support, making your brushing more effective. (In some ways, the Record Doctor’s lack of automation can be a benefit, as it lets you focus extra attention on areas of the record that are especially grungy.) I also found it useful to brush any leftover debris from the velvet strips with a toothbrush after cleaning a side, as this keeps them clean for the next side. The velvet strips do eventually become worn out, but replacing them is easy and inexpensive. For my review I used the supplied brush and cleaning solution, but there’s opportunity for further experimentation in this area, with a host of third-party cleaning formulations and brushes available. Some vinyl collectors also like to mix up their own home brew solutions, with plenty of suggested concoctions available online.”

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