Schiit-Hot Integrated Amplifier The Ragnarok 2 Review

April 18, 2020 § Leave a comment

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“When evaluating equipment, I seldom listen to complete LP sides, let alone one after another. But that simple change of gain setting turned the sound from merely OK to really good. When the Ragnarok 2 first arrived, I wondered why the choice of gain settings had been included — most integrated amps lack them. Now they make more sense.

Raves, reservations, recommendations

The Just An Amp version of Schiit Audio’s Ragnarok 2 integrated amplifier isn’t cheap at $1499, or — especially — by the standards of this column, which focuses on components costing under $1000. However, it’s as much of a bargain as anything I’ve reviewed that costs less. From its build quality to its styling to its idiosyncratic feature set to its sound, I loved everything about it — and for a great price. I believe that the only reason the Ragnarok 2 doesn’t cost, say, $3000, or even more, is because Schiit sells factory direct, eliminating the distributor and dealer markups that can easily double the wholesale price. Such an approach scores a big win for the consumer.”

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