JL Audio Fathom F113 V2 13.5” Subwoofer Review

April 21, 2020 § Leave a comment

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“Unsurprisingly perhaps, the big Fathom couldn’t quite match the speed and grip of my usual 10” VAF Veritas subs, or for that matter JL Audio’s smaller E-110. What is surprising is how little the bigger sub yielded in terms of speed to the smaller ones. Its speed ensures that it complements the extension of the main speakers, without overwhelming them. Able to fill the listening room with powerful, visceral bass, it has real ability to dig in to lower frequencies, making for an exciting listening experience.

Action films are what typically come to mind when evaluating subwoofers, yet a good one can add an extra layer of detail to even the subtlest of movie fare. Unusual for horror movies, Anabelle Comes Home has its share of ambient cues designed to unsettle the viewer, intermingled with the soundtrack and of course, more than a few jump-scares. Here it added welcome extension to the eerie Dolby Atmos soundtrack without getting in the way of the other speakers. More often than not, the extension was felt rather than heard, making for a more engaging and exciting – if somewhat terrifying – listening experience.”

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