Coda Technologies 16.0 Amplifier $16,000 Review

May 21, 2020 § Leave a comment


“To answer my own question, would the new flagship Coda 16.0 Class-A amplifier outperform its wonderful, but less-expensive sibling, the No.8? Absolutely. Whatever, Coda discovered/created in their latest generation of equipment, starting with the No.8 amplifier and FET 07x preamplifier, they have brought it to their new flagship 16.0 Class-A amplifier. This amplifier offers boundless macro-dynamics/powerful control of low-end frequencies, gorgeous color/tonality, an overall grainless silky smooth presentation, and the ability to render lifelike spatial dimensions rarely found in solid-state amplifiers. Because of its ability to drop immense current (100 amperes) it will easily drive virtually any speaker on the market today yet retain a beautiful musicality that many “muscle” amplifiers on the market totally miss out on. When you figure in the 16.0 amplifier’s build quality, the quality of its internal components, that’s completely hand-built here in the US, and not inexpensively, but very competitively priced compared to other US-based high-end companies, the 16.0 amplifier is a great addition to the world of audiophile-level equipment. With all I shared in this review I don’t think it’s a surprise I’m figuring out a way to finance my purchase of the 16.0 amplifier because I don’t want it to leave my system. ”

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