Parasound Halo A 21+ power amplifier Review

May 31, 2020 § Leave a comment

Over a span of weeks, the A 21+ was a constant companion and a bringer of musical enjoyment; compared with other amps on hand and in spite of a few sonic differences, the new Parasound was impossible to fault. That shouldn’t be surprising at this point in time: Unless an amp designer imposes her will to suit a particular set of associated equipment or a particular acquired taste, the performance of modern amplifiers should and does converge.

The Parasound A 21+ is remarkably powerful, transparent and quiet. As such, it imposes no constraints on one’s desire to listen through it to the recorded performance or to experience the size, weight, and dynamics of the original event. It is large and heavy—probably of necessity, given its abilities—but it is also handsome and graced with useful connections and controls. Anyone in the market for a stereo power amp would be well advised to consider the Parasound A 21+, especially those who believe that they must spend more. With apologies to W.S. Gilbert, It is the very model of a modern power amplifier.”

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