Ampsandaound Bigger Ben Amplifier Review

June 1, 2020 § Leave a comment

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“So the question becomes, do output transformers have a sound? I believe they do, and that bigger tends to be better and more transparent. This makes logical sense, bigger means more bandwidth before saturation, and the farther you are from saturation the more linear the output should be. Justin proved this to me with the Suolo Monos, which are mono block version of his famous Kenzie amplifier. The Suolo Monos use 10-watt output transformers where the Kenzie uses 5-watt output transformers. The result was that the Suolo Monos put out noticeably better bass, both in weight, quantity, and clarity when compared to the Kenzie. It is also important to note that the 5-watt transformer for the Kenzie was already significantly oversized (the Kenzie only outputs around 250 mWatts). By comparison, the Mogwai SE’s output transformers were only over spec’d by 25%, therefore, doubling the output transformers size for the Bigger Ben was much a larger update and easily explains the performance gains.”

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