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“The Technics SL1500C turntable is an outstanding performer for its price class, and then some. It distills and refines all the elements that made the original SL1200 turntables such a favorite with Hi-Fi enthusiasts and does away with the more DJ-centric features that are now available in the purpose-built SL1200 Mk 7. At $1199.99, with a modern direct-drive system, a fine-sounding Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, and a more than capable built-in MM phono preamp, the SL1500C is almost a “no-brainer” purchase for someone who is looking for a turntable at this price point. Yes, the auto-lift tonearm feature is a little indecisive and the action of the cueing arm annoys me. All the turntables I’ve seen at this price point have cueing arms that unfortunately act and feel the same way, so I do wish the SL1500C stood out better in this regard. Still, If your heart is set on a nice quality belt drive table (and there are some nice ones at this level to be had out there) then this whole discussion is moot. But if you want your records to be spun by something a little more advanced than a rubber band, or you always liked the idea of owning an old SL1200, the SL1500C has you covered every which way from Sunday. Don’t bother with the knock offs or the SL1200 wannabe tables out there, you know you’ll only use the pitch control and strobe light to show off to your friends. Go for the legit “Son of Kon”

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